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Corporate Retreats

The promise of utter privacy, professional service and a host of facilities, besides its sprawling square footage, makes Villa Semarapura the perfect venue for corporate team building events and office retreats.

The raised, open-sided living room has high, sloping ceilings and gives you a sense of being one with nature. One is immediately transported to a wonderful, tropical world, overlooking gardens that boast vistas of the ocean. This area is perfect for multiple breakout sessions or a large gathering addressed by a speaker. The other open-sided living space on the property, the balé at the side of the pool, is great for evening cocktails and informal meetings. Nearby, an entertainment room is well equipped for relaxation and some competitive fun, replete with a pool table.

The dining room doubles up as a democratic boardroom with a circular table. It sits in its own private unit with glass walls and sliding doors. A television or projection screen may be brought in here, along with charts and other materials as required. Best of all, the boardroom also has enough room for coffee breaks where snacks and drinks can be served. Adorned with stunning antiques, the boardroom setting is worthy of any interior design magazine.

The large gardens allow team building activities and games, while water sports can take place in the lavish pool. With a garden spa and five beautiful bedrooms, Villa Semarapura is perfect for executive-level corporate events and retreats.

To find out more, get in touch with our team at [email protected], and discuss how Villa Semarapura can fulfil your corporate event needs.

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