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A quick flip through the guest books show just how much Villa Semarapura’s long-serving staff enhance the vacation experience: “Wonderful hospitality, service and smiles”; “fabulous hosts”; “exceptional service” and “the staff was like family”. Guests enjoy as much interaction as they choose, drawing on the staff’s local knowledge to learn about Bali and explore the area under their guidance, or seeking the privacy of discreet, behind-the-scenes service.

Villa manager

Villa Semarapura’s villa manager, is responsible for the overall operation of the villa, including overseeing the staff, maintaining service standards, and coordinate guest activities.


The villa’s skilled cook is experienced in Balinese, Indonesian and international cuisines. She is also in charge of shopping for provisions as well as preparation of meals, and is happy to have an audience for informal cooking lessons.

Villa attendants

Villa Semarapura’s highly experienced attendants provide personalised service from early until late. As well as attending to housekeeping duties, they serve meals, mix cocktails and assist the villa manager in planning (and guiding) outings.


Villa Semarapura is kept safe and secure by its dedicated security staff on-site from 3pm to 7am.


A handyman looks after all maintenance on the estate.


The green-fingered gardener keeps the grounds beautifully maintained, and the pool pristine.

Villa Semarapura - In-villa fine dining
Villa Semarapura - Villa staff
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