Villa Semarapura - Weddings


Could there be a more magical setting for your wedding vows than at the sublime Villa Semarapura? This ‘temple of peace’ is set upon 5,000 square metres of rolling lawns that face Cemagi Beach and its sacred sea temple. At night, the sea temple, set high on a rocky ‘almost-isle’, is stunningly silhouetted against Bali’s famed crimson sunsets.

Traditional dance performances and the evocative song of a bamboo rindik played under a canopy of stars can be arranged to create a soundtrack for your special day. We can also recommend expert event organisers, florists, decorators and caterers so you can focus on relaxing and celebrating with your guests.

A day to remember

Begin your ever after at one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    Maximum people sitting:  80 guests

    Maximum people standing:  80 guests

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